Building Process

Step 1: Pool Layout

In this step, the pool shape is laid out on the ground to give the home owner and idea of what the pool will look like in their yard. It serves as both a visual aid and a guide for any necessary permits to begin excavation.

Step 2: Digging the Shelf

Digging the Shelf

The shelf is used as a guide for panel placement as well as room to run plumbing, supports, and concrete footing of the pool.
Step 3: Excavation of Hopper Step 3
The deep end (hopper) is then excavated and shaped to within a "1 inch" tolerance. At this time any water, rock, or unstable earth conditions are dealt with and rectified.

Step 4: Setting the Panels Step 4

After the hopper has been excavated the panels are placed around the shelf and bolted together.
Step 5: Concrete and Assembly Step 5
After the panels are bolted together, the steps, swimouts, and rough plumbing are all installed. At this time the pool is leveled and squared and is prepared for a concrete bottom.
Step 6: Concrete Day Step 6
The bottom is poured using 4,000 psi concrete and then hand trowled to a glass like finish.

Step 7: Liner Preperation

After the concrete has hardened, the whole pool, concrete and steel, is gone over by hand to remove any debris left over from concrete. The pool is then washed down so that any debris is gathered at the bottom and removed. The panel is now ready for the liner .
Step 8: Liner Installation Step 9
The liner is then placed into the pool and locked into the receptor coping. An industrial vacuum is used to remove any air from behind the liner and held in place until filled with water.
Step 9: Add Water and Backfill Step 10
The pool is filled with water and cut in . The shelf is then backfilled with soil left over from the initial excavation.
Step 10: The Pool Deck Step 11
The concrete sidewalk around the pool is poured and the yard is roughly graded out. Dive in!